My name is Danielle and I am a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist-To-Be from Texas. My goal is to walk beside you on your wellness journey by providing practical tips, tricks, and advice so that wellness can fit into your life. I hope to make nutrition and wellness achievable for busy people! Meaning: cheap, quick, convenient and easy.

On this site you will find information about nutrition, fitness, traveling, meditation, hobbies, and more (although there is definitely a heavy focus on the nutrition-side of things). I cover everything from recipes and must-have apps to the best credit cards for travel.

I’ve spent time working as a professor, private counselor, corporate wellness and fitness instructor, and clinical inpatient and outpatient dietitian.



At this time (2017), I am not paid or sponsored by any companies to promote their products. Even if I was, I always give my honest opinion.

In order to keep it snappy, blogs usually start with “Speed-Read” which gives you the quick take-away messages from the post. If you have time to read on, the “Full-Report” will explain the how/why below the key points. It’s health-in-a-hurry for people on the go!

Videos and audio recordings will most always be under 5 minutes long (or there will be a warning at the start). It’s wellness-in-a-flash!

I absolutely love any and all feedback from my readers. Please feel free to comment or email me: dani.shannon@gmail.com