Namaste Interrupted & YouTube Yoga Suggestions

Speed Read: 
1. Part of yoga is meditation, try not to be obnoxious to those around you.
2. Yin Yoga is a version of yoga where the poses are held for 1 minute or more (usually longer).
3. Boho Beautiful has a couple of free Yin Yoga sessions on YouTube for you to try.

Full Report:
Well, it happened: my first yoga blunder. It’s not quite up there with the plentiful gassy yoga stories, but it’s pretty bad in the world of {becoming one with the energy around you}. Also, if you do happen to fart in yoga class, feel better by knowing you’re not alone or follow these tips on how to handle it.

It was my husband’s first day back at the gym. We had it all planned (down to the pre-gym nap). It was a day sandwiched between 2 high-intensity classes for me, so I was going to yoga at 7:30 while he got back into the swing of things. We’re chatting up about how the gym has been remodeled and what his plan is for the day- excitedly and loudly. He drops me off at the class and I open the door.

Everyone turned and gave me the stank eye. I was a few minutes late, sure, but lots of people came in late to these classes. I noticed everyone was sitting Indian-style (also, is that term even allowed anymore?) and the teacher was walking them through melting into the universe. Assuming it was the prep-for-class meditation, I continued to find my spot, drop my blocks on the floor, etc. etc. while feeling really strange that it was so quiet. And then I hear it. “Namaste”. Well, shit.

If you’re not a yogi, “namaste” is a word always said at the end of practice. It’s kind of like a goodbye between souls. According to the Yoga Journal, it means “I bow to you”. It is usually the VERY last thing done before everyone gets up and leaves. Just prior to your energy announcing it’s exit, there’s 5ish minutes of meditation. The whole point is to forget the outside world and let your soul soak up the energy of the atmosphere around you. For many people, it might be the only time of the day they get to do this… unless two loud ass 30-somethings decide to bust it up with stories about the new paint.

Anyways, I read the schedule wrong. I wore my Wednesday underwear on Monday and now I’ve got haters. The important part of the story is I didn’t let it ruin my workout (just other peoples). Now- having the room to myself- I looked up some YouTube videos and played them out loud while I practiced. YinYoga is a relatively new thing for me, and as I am aging and working out at a high level- I’m finding out just how important flexibility is. Yin Yoga is essentially: very-slow yoga. You hold poses anywhere from 1 minute (beginner) to 5 minutes (advanced). It gives you a lot more time to sink into the poses and work on expanding mobility through the joints. This, in turn, will increase ciculation through the body. I am sore each and EVERY time I do this. Also, I think being able to work these muscles and control them could potentially get better at controlling toots while you’re all bendy.

I found this chick who lives on a beach (or has an awesome green-screen) and goes by “Boho Beautiful”. I tried her beginner video (~21 minutes) and a follow up (~25 minutes) to fill my hour. The beginner video is good if you have never done Yin Yoga because it definitely pushes your joint flexibility limits. Each pose is held for a minute after the warm-up. In the second video, you hold for two minutes. As an instructor, she didn’t play to my preferences (I really like the ultra SciFi type of meditation- let’s go to Mars!), but she was good. She would occasionally forget to explain how to make the moves easier, so I would recommend a little* bit of experience in yoga before practicing to these. She also had some nifty visual things going on (changing angles, beach shots) but it was kind of making me want to open eyes. IMO, being able to close your eyes is one of the benefits of doing yoga. These videos were free and I felt myself being able to go much deeper into the stretches by the end of the workout- so they worked!

Do you have any YouTube or online yoga videos that you love? Please post and let me know why you like them so much!

Mediatation-Destroyer Dani