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Summer Foods, Poopourri & Dani!

Poo-pourri reached out to get my opinion on a great article dishing on summer-time food ideas. Stop by and read it here. Also, you should definitely check out their product. Pooping is a part of wellness, and so is not being embarrassed about pooping (that’s where they come in!).

Their claim-to-fame is a prepotty spray that keeps any toilet odors contained. It’s GREAT for travelling in groups! Recently I enjoyed a mini-vaca with my husband and mom and we used Poo-pourri to keep a happy, shareable living space. As someone who is not keen to bathroom humor or talk in-general, I would walk 500 miles just be the girl who goes alone. I’m happy to say that the days of knowing where all the lobby bathrooms are in a hotel are over. This would also be a life-saver if you accidentally drink the water or eat the street food while out of the country. If only my friend (who shall remain unnamed) could have had this on her double food-poisoning honeymoon!

Buy a bottle of Poo-pourri on their website or at most major stores.

Photo from the Poo-Pourri website: