Work Out Like It’s Your Job! #MondayMotivation

Speed Read:
1. Actually becoming an instructor
2. Paying yourself to exercise
3. Being someone’s ride or accountability partner
4. Get a pet or have a kid

Full Report:
As someone who has always been “pretty-good” about working out (self-proclamation), even I noticed a big difference when exercising became my job. Health and wellness are motivators for me, but it turns out so are other people and money. So it makes perfect sense that when excuses are winning and wanting to be healthy isn’t, these other motivating factors get me to the gym.

The other day I had a crick in my neck… one of those can-barely-move-your-head cricks that hurt all the way into your back… but I HAD to go to the gym and teach my class. So I did. I’ve taught recovering from surgery (yes, with doc’s permission!), that time of the month, with allergies, colds (not recommending), or other problems. What I’ve learned from this experience is that I have never regretted going to the gym when I had reasons not to (aka excuses). Each* and every* time I felt better for going: “I’m so productive”, “I get more calories today”, “I sucked all day, but at least I got up and went to the gym”, or even just those good old endorphins!

So, how can you make it your job? Well, quite literally make it your side-hustle. Companies like Beachbody and Les Mills make it pretty easy versus becoming an actual personal trainer. You’ll reap the benefits of MONEY and HELPING people with this route. However, that’s a big commitment!

You can also make it your job by being someone’s ride. I once took a coworker-friend of mine to the gym everyday because she didn’t have a car. I couldn’t cancel last minute, and I had to be reliable and consistent for her. This was another time my daily exercising was at a peak.  [Shout-out to Anum for being car-less and helping my health!]

Make it your job to meet someone at the gym. This makes you accountable to be there with them. My husband and I did this when we were dating. I once slept through my alarm… and 7 years later I still hear about it. However, 99.9% of the time we made those gym dates happen. Extra motivation booster: meet in the wee-hours of the morning!

Or, be your own boss and pay yourself to workout. People have increased their fitness by putting it into their budget (think: swear jar). The more you workout, the more spending money you earn! Or the closer you get to that new iPad or whatever thing you want to buy on Amazon. 30 workouts = new shoes? Count me in! I’m not condoning gambling, but having a friendly weight-loss or exercise “contest” between buddies or coworkers has also prompted some major success in my circle of friends!

Lastly, get a dog or have a kid. These little buggers FORCE us to move around with their super cute faces and super absorbent little minds. Mostly, I think you should get a dog because a kid is just a lot more of a commitment (i.e. you need to want a child for other reasons as well). You should probably want a dog for other reasons too, but if you’re on the fence about these things just know they can increase your daily energy expenditure. They can be tools in your wellness journey (as well as the light of your life!) Also, you will not have the added bonus of money in this case. 🙂

BOTTOM LINE: Help motivate yourself to get healthy by putting more on the line: money, reliability, companionship, codependency, etc. It will help you overcome those days where any excuse will keep you on the couch!


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